Industrial​-​Scale Murder - Part 1

from by In_zekT



The aggressor maims from within
Overtly with its victim's blessing
Calculating for zero-sum
Dominion or martyrdom

Once seeded to bleed us dry
No more standing idly by
The foreign god must be tamed
Revert to protocols of strength

Ridden with vain self-loathers
Institutional suicide bombers
Feeding off their own misery
Breeding intellectual atrophy

Marginalized rogue strategists
Future unchecked extremists
The sentry deaf to these ones corrupt
Is a protector who self-destructs

Truce is over
Trigger chaos
To bring order

Enemy by definition
Multiplying by the millions
From the wombs of crippled women
Parasitic substitution

Enemy by highest treason
Selling hubris to the minions
From the rules of blind inclusion
Non-ergodic mass exclusion

A race of human contagions
Let all defenses be primed
Devising routes of infection
Purify the fields in time

There is no turning back
No point in moving further
The cynic law is enacted
Industrial-scale murder

Smoked out into open terrain
Tainted sectors isolated
Heat signature recognition
Blitzkrieg hardware activated

Fatal mayhem of revulsion
The storm of blood reverberates
Like figurines brittle and frail
The fanatics disintegrate

The damage must be made
And one of such proportion
That the receiving end
Will never surface again

Eyes for an eye

The watershed is now
At the brink of extinction
It is either them or us
A clash of civilizations

Heads for these eyes


In the haze
The outlines of a renaissance
From the wake
Of engineered armageddon
It was made
To salvage what is left of us
Judgment day has only just begun


from Industrial​-​Scale Murder, released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


In_zekT Norway

In_zekT is an avant-garde hybrid of industrial metal, electro and droning noise exercises, churned out by core collaborators Peter Vindel and Kjetil Ottersen. Ranging from sonic blunt force to immersing audio vistas, both complex and minimalist in expression, In_zekT’s artistic qualities are as uncompromising as the duo's attention to detail. ... more

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